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Required speed limiters for many autos: The european union just agreed to change driving a car forever

The EU Commission on Road Safety Rules may allow mission vehicles to have technology, assistance on a lane and prevent, however, the number of vehicles must be less than 25, "Elbieta Bieńkowska , safety devices can become mandatory -stop Now, increase the level if adopted, one thousand and forty.

A multitude of security technologies that could help reduce injuries on the road, including techniques reducing speed, may be mandatory in all new cars. A tentative political contract has now been agreed on Mandatory speed limiters the plans, which also include fatigue, distraction, keeping track of the aid, as well as help to keep the lanes open. "New functions are already present, especially in high-stopping vehicles, and we are now reinforcing the level of safety in general and creating automatic and committed flexibility for the future," said Elbieta Bieńkowska, Commissioner of the European Commission EU. The evaluation considered to have the most significant effect on reducing the number of fatalities and accidental injuries is the Wise Speed ​​Guidance ISA technology, which limits the speed at which a car can travel. According to the transport protection authorities, the transport protection authorities have stated that the ISA should reduce accidents by 30% and deaths by 20%. Speed-reducing technologies immediately limit the power of the powertrain to prevent the car or truck from accelerating earlier at a given speed. Nevertheless, the driving force may exceed the restriction, for example, beltsguide.biz features if it were to get the best of a car or a truck as quickly as possible. A relevant video camera recognizing the speed limit signs is compatible with speed limitation files related to GPS navigation to inform users of the speed of their explorations and sets up a system that positively limits the speed of navigation. the car. The 15 health problems on the road require a conventional contract between the European Parliament and the European authorities before being applied.

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