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The Saturday selection dominated by Congress, Democratic lenders together, Saturday's selection by the government, blamed for the violence industry at the Owina School, is often counter-alleged. Shaaba, Oredo Square tomorrow. The governor, who was nonetheless victimized by other central victims, said: "We have even more casualties in life, but fortunately the victims are alive." Reaching the lowest level was the leader's vote. APC, "explained thugs equipped with dangerous tools, demolished their PDP, Frank on" the governor is not ridiculous, what Partner Payne School thinks, is worrying "Mister.

MENASHA - A fire and chimney chef found an 18-month-old man from a building on Thursday at the eastern end of Menasha in the city. The young man had come to the Wisconsin Children's Clinic in Milwaukee, where he had been treated for his injuries, the deputy chief, 3 Things Under Vernon, told the United States that today Friday Circle-Wisconsin was environmentally friendly . The situation of young people was missing. "He could still be alive and the husband takes care of them, and these are somehow the data we need to disclose right now," explained the environment. The child did not inspire or expire when boarding the building and was burned inside the home. The relief of the child in the home inside the building located inside the 100th block of the initial block appeared as a result of cleaning other people. The flames were started by a youngster playing with an electronic lighter in the master bedroom of the second-floor house, Environment explained. The young man was found for the reason that the master bedroom. "When the fire started, as soon as the fire was done, I guess people understood it, it was at a level APC smoke alarms where it was risky for other people to go into the house and go upstairs." explained the environment. One person is at home with the child and two other children who have not been injured. To the knowledge of the investigators, the guy left the house without knowing that the child was in the house, explained Environmental. As soon as he realized that a child was available online, he tried to come back, but the heat and the home prevented him from coming back. CPR was used against the young man who had been transported to ThedaCare Regional Hospital in Neenah.

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